There has been an alarming increase in venereal or sexually transmitted diseases ( V.D. or S.T.D.) due to promiscuity and free sex. These diseases are caused by bacteria and germs and canbecome very serious if not treated properly and early. The most common disease in this category are syphilis and gonorrhoea.
Syphillis is probably one of the oldest disease of the human race. Sexual contact is the commonest way in which this disease is spread through a community. But many of those who contract the disease are innocent. Little children are sometimes born with this disease. It may also be transmitted from one person to another by kissing or handling infected clothing or other articles.
Symptoms and Causes
Syphillis usually begins as a small ulcerating type of lesion which may occur anywhere in the body, the most common sites being the penis and vulva or in the vagina. Violent or rough sex behaviour often results in abrasions and thus the virus comes in direct contact with the blood.
Gonorrhoea is usually transmitted by sexual contact. An acute inflammation of the male urethra or the vagina of the female due to infection through pus by the gonorrhoea germs is known as gonorrhoea. A person having a high degree of toxaemia and a low vitality may develop this condition with the slightest secretion. A clean blood stream and a high vitality on the other hand may protect one from this disease.
The wise plan, however, is to avoid all chances of infection. The common is the sexual act in which one of the partners has this disease. Sometimes it may be contracted through other sources or it may be hereditary.
Gonorrhoea is most difficult disease to identify than syphillis. About two-thirds of women with this disease have no symptoms at all or at most very trivial ones which may be passed off as an apparently harmless vaginal discharge. The usual symptom in the male is a discharge from the tip of the penis.
If the disease is neglected or improperly treated, it may spoil the entire blood stream which may produce gonorrheal rheumatism and cause affection of the eyes. Proper treatment is therfore, highly important soon after the occurrence of the infection.
Syphillis and gonorrhoea are quite amenable to successful treatment by proper dietary and other natural methods, leaving no ill-effects to mar the future life and happiness of their victims.
Suppressive drugs employed by the modern medical system in the treatment simply halts the active manifestations of the disease in the victim's system for the time being. The disease-poisons and the metallic drugs are still left in the patient's system and these have a most destructive effect upon the tissues and structures of the body, especially upon the nervous tissues.
The only safe way of treating venereal disease is fasting. All cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea can be cured through the agency of the fast. This will not only prevent dreaded after- effects, but will also greatly enhance the wholegeneral health level of the patient by a thorough cleansing of his system. The juice of an orange, in a glass of warm water, may be taken during thisperiod. If orange juice disagrees, vegetable juice may be taken. Each day while fasting, it should be ensured that the bowels are cleansed of the poisonous matter thrown off by the self-cleansing process now set up by the body. This can be achieved through a warm water enema. The fast may be continued from seven to 14 days.
After the fast, the patient, may adopt an exclusive fruit diet for further five days. He should thereafter gradually embark upon a balanced diet for three basic food groups as outlined in the treatment for impotence (chapter 75), avoiding all the foods mentioned therein.
Major R. Austin, a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps in Great Britain in his book, ` Direct Paths to Health' mentions a case of a syphilis patient aged 27 years who was cured only by dietetic treatment. Dr. Austin narrates the case as under : "Mr. A. , aged twenty-seven, came to me suffering from tertiary syphilis. The classic drugs has been used, but it had not stopped the ravages of the disease. His face and body were covered with rupial eruptions - ulcers covered with a scab-and the odour from his body was most unpleasant.
"I prescribed a fourteen-day fast with a saline purge daily, plenty of water and as much strained orange juice diluted with water as he liked to drink during the day. At the end of fourteen days he was allowed two meals a day, one of them consisting of nothing but purely cooked vegetables and some butter, and the other of milk and fresh fruit.
"In six weeks from the date of commencing the treatment, all the eruptions had disappeared, as well as the foul odour of the body, and he was feeling remarkably well and has remained so ever since. " Vegetable juices are highly beneficial in the treatment of venereal diseases. Juices which are particularly helpful include those of carrot, cucumber, beet and spinach. The patient may make liberal use of carrot juice either in combination with spinach juice or cucumber or beet.
Amaranth (chaulai ka saag) is considered highly beneficial in the treatment of gonorrhoea. About 25 gms. of the leaves of this vegetable should be given twice or thrice a day to the patient in this condition.
Fresh juice of the flowers of the drumstick is very useful in the treatment of gonorrhoea. For better results, this juice should be given twice daily with tender coconut water. It acts as a diuretic tonic medicine in this disease.
A decoction of fresh lady's fingers has also been found useful in treating gonorrhoea. A cupful of mucilage of lady's finger is mixed with ripe banana and a glassful of buttermilk. The mixture is a very effective remedy for gonorrhoea. Four capsules of lady's finger are cut into 2.5 c.m. pieces and are boiled in quarter litre of water for about 15 minutes. After cooling the pieces are squeezed andthe mucilage is extracted and strained through a muslin cloth.
In case of syphilis , a `T' pack should be employed for an hour for the local treatment of the initial sore and it should be repeated twice daily. All clothes, sheets and towels , used by the patient should behandled carefully to avoid new sores and to prevent infection to others. It is better to boil all such articles. In case of eruptions on the different parts of the body, a wet sheet pack for an hour is beneficial. It will help bring out all the poisonous substances of the skin by producing more eruptions which will gradually dry up.
Application of pelvic packs occasionally for an hour is one of the most effective methods of treatment in case of gonorrhoea. As irritation in the prostate gland and urethra is present in this disease, a hot hip bath for eight minutes has a beneficial effect as it tends to relieve irritation.
An occasional steam bath for eight minutes is of outstanding value in both syphilis and gonorrhoea. It will help remove the poisonous substances from the body and enable the kidney to perform its work effectively. An overall massage has also beneficial effects on the entire body.
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